Rebecca has been a wealth of information over the years; first as I began to use and experiment with essential oil’s and living a more holistic lifestyle and second as she began to guide and lead me as a teammate in the business side of doTERRA I am beyond grateful for everything that I’ve learned and continue to learn from this woman. I highly recommend that you connect with her if you’re even slightly interested in learning more about holistic health!

Laura, from Ontario

Thank you to Rebecca, for her passion when it comes to sharing her knowledge about the use of dōTERRA oils to improve my daily wellness. The trust I have in her, along with her enthusiastic and encouraging character has helped me to continue to find new ways to use the oils to improve my health holistically.  I’ve gone from using over the counter medications for headaches to solely relying on my oils. My husband who use to take a pill every night to sleep, can now rest easy with his nightly serenity routine.

Erica, from Ontario

I have a few friends who use essential oils, and I have experienced a few of them. I have been ambivalent about them, up until now.  I was re-introduced to them by a former colleague, Rebecca Leonardes who is a natural health & wellness consultant.
I had the privilege of working with her in a business environment when we both worked for a large pharmaceutical company and again in a volunteer setting. I have a profound respect for this hard working, dedicated, professional because she has a strong passion for helping people first and foremost.  I had the opportunity to reconnect with her to discuss do-terra, I was interested in her reasons to align with this company. I knew it had to be something special for her to become involved to this degree.  The quality of the oils and her knowledge of them really drew me in. She speaks from the heart when talking about the impact essential oils have had in her life.  Then I explained to Rebecca how I have been suffering with a torn rotator cuff for a couple of years despite physiotherapy and medications. I have a very physical job and do a lot of strenuous activities  as well, so I also had other minor aches and inflammation that I wanted to reduce.

She introduced me to Copaiba and I am so impressed! I used it the first time after unloading skids , thirteen of them to be exact, of heavy Christmas candy for an entire shift at work.  Brutal on my body!    I soaked in my jetted tub after work, part of my ritual, and decided to try Copaiba right after.  I was feeling relief so soon after rubbing it on, I didn't take my usual round of muscle relaxants and pain killers. So incredibly terrific to take less of those!  I'm hooked and using it regularly to help with relief on those bad days.  Now my inflammation is so reduced, both of my shoulders actually look the same. May sound strange but I used to be so hunched and swollen on my right side, it didn't even look like they both belonged  to the same person!   My body is finally being soothed, I am having less pain in those little every day things.

What surprised me the most is my husband's reaction to these essential oils. He's a little older, a bit pessimistic, a definite skeptic.  He has seen me in the last couple of weeks applying the oils, tasting some of them, diffusing them. He's seen my reaction but he's been a bit standoffish about them.  This weekend we were in New York state for an NFL game and on the way back to the hotel, if he didn't step on a nail in the parking lot of the stadium and have it nick into his toe.  I brought out our first aid kit and I just happened to have the lavender oil in my purse so I brought it out as well.  I had been instructed the lavender has an antiseptic quality. I mentioned it as i was cleaning the nick, and he was adamant I apply it. Wow! If you knew him, you would be just as surprised as me! And I've had to even reapply with each bandage change.

We have had the oils in our house for a couple of weeks, and we are enjoying our experiences. I feel like Rebecca really listened to my needs and I want to thank her for showing me what do-terra could offer to our family.

Bonnie from Florida

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