Oral Health = Overall Health

My university roommates, my siblings and certainly my husband can all tell you that I spend a good chunk of my life in the bathroom taking care of my teeth. 

My dental routine has been important to me as far back as I can remember. I was that seventh grade kid with braces, a retainer and the ultra sexy headgear.  I wasn’t born with a great set of chicklets so a lot of money went into perfecting my smile. My end of that deal was learning to take really great care of my teeth. I brushed, I flossed and for a long time had superb visits at the dentist with little to no concern about cavities or any other issues.  I was even fortunate enough to be exempt from having my wisdom teeth out because I had such straight teeth with lots of room to accommodate them. This was a huge win to me.

I had a beautiful smile.  It had all paid off.

I got the bad news this summer.

Due to a broken tooth left untreated I had developed a serious issue.  Unbeknownst to me my entire mouth had been affected by the broken tooth and likely my entire body was being impacted.  A bacterial infection had caused significant damage to my teeth and while I cannot say with 100% confidence many of the noticeable changes in my gut health and symptoms such as headaches are associated with this bacteria. Our gums are  vascular and create the perfect place for bacteria to invade our bodies and circulate throughout our entire system. 

You’ve likely heard about our overall health being directly connected to our oral health. I’ve never taken this so seriously in my life!

After the initial shock of this dental news settled in I knew it was time to create a plan of action.  I knew I needed an excellent dentist and I knew I needed to go ALL IN on the recommendations. The silver lining in all of this came when I asked if I could recover from this health setback. The answer was a confident, YES.  On the flip side of that question I learned that leaving the situation untreated could lead to diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Seems like an obvious choice so I put the plan into action.

  1.  Choosing a dentist-  I will never look back from my decision to opt into Holistic Dentistry.  I believe passionately in patients being treated as a complete person and offered options to empower choices.  If you haven’t experienced a dental appointment where you were given a full one hour exploratory appointment with your dental professional including discussions on lifestyle I would highly recommend locating one and seeing for yourself how powerful it is.  Google “holistic dentistry” or “biological dentistry” in your area to locate someone near you. Here is a link to get you started:  Google “holistic dentistry” or “biological dentistry” in your area to locate someone near you. Here is a link to get you started: Find a Holistic Dentist