Do What Makes YOU Happy

There are so many ways to start your track of happiness
What Makes you Happy

When you keep hearing about taking care of yourself Mind, Body and Spirit what does it actually mean to you?

Taking care of yourself on the physical level is tangible, you put the right foods into your body, you make movement part of your routine and you consume water to stay hydrated. So what exactly does it mean to take care of yourself on an emotional level? How are emotions tied to overall well being?

Emotions come from the arousal of the nervous system. Millions of chemical reactions are taking place in the brain at any given moment and the response is predicated on the information being received. For example, if you’re witnessing a puppy stretched out in the sunshine having a nap your brain takes in the info and you may notice a sense of calm wash over you even though you’re not the one basking in the sun. On the flip side of that if you are consuming information, such as news on television that is fear driven or negative in any way you may feel anxiousness or worry. The brain takes in whatever information it is offered through all of the senses (taste, touch, sound, sight, smell) and relays it to produce an emotional response in the body. The expression of the information being received is a chemical reaction of the nervous system. You can likely recall a moment where you noticed your heart pounding or you begin sweating. This is an excellent example of how emotions create a physical response in the body. If you are not in the middle of a workout and these physical reactions occur it is a tangible expression of emotion based on information intake.

Lesson: Allow yourself as much positive information to be consumed as possible in order to stimulate the emotional response of tranquility, peace and contentment. What you look at, who you give your time to, what books you read, what you eat (yep! Food that is visually appealing and is known to be nourishing is vital to your emotional health).

Some expressions of the nervous system are not seen but occur constantly within our physical body as a result of an emotional response. The release of hormones.

In situations where the intake of information is creating stress, worry or anxiousness the hormones being released are done so to protect us. The fight or flight response occurs in the amygdala of the brain and is actually a survival mechanism. Since we have evolved and are no longer running from wild predators on a daily basis we do not use up the hormone to run and save ourselves. The stress hormone is released anyway but it isn’t spent. This results in a physical response in the body and overtime can change our biochemistry. The average person experiences dozens of stressful episodes every day and this has a cumulative effect. The release of hormones can create weight gain, complicate the rhythms of the heart, induce fatigue and irritability and more.

On the flip side there are hormone releases such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin that evoke feelings such as contentment, joy, motivation and love. Exploring ways to increase our positive emotions and learning ways to conquer our negative emotions is the most significant way to improve our overall health.

The emotional centre of the brain has a direct access path...your nose!

The olfactory bulb “aka your sense of smell” is a direct path to the emotional centre of your brain. By inhaling aroma you are providing information to the brain to create an appropriate response in the physical body. The amygdala and the hippocampus are two areas of the brain in which we can have a profound effect on emotional wellness. Additionally our sense of smell scientists believe trigger memory more than our other senses because those senses do not pass through these areas of the brain. So, once you discover an aroma that creates the positive outcome you are wishing for you will also create a memory of that smell and the accompanying feeling. The limbic system which resides in this area of the brain is the starting point for the release of the hormones that trigger the responses both good and bad in our physical body.


  1. Lavender

  2. Adaptiv

  3. Cedarwood

  4. Frankincense

  5. Roman Chamomile

  6. Grapefruit

You can learn more about each of these or request your own sample by clicking here: REQUEST A SAMPLE

Diffusing essential oils can help mental wellness
Positive Emotional Response

Positive emotions lead to a sense of motivation and peace. Emotional wellness is associated with feelings of worthiness which result in greater physical activity, better food choices and all around optimal lifestyle habits. Physical health cannot be achieved without emotional health.

Aromatherapy is amongst the simplest of ways to access an emotional response. As aroma gives way to a more open minded approach to wellness it is worth exploring additional outlets to access the very best of emotional well being.


  1. Meditation - even ten minutes a day can create a shift. See the daily calm. CALM

  2. Music - remember your playlists create an emotional response. Choose wisely

  3. Social media and t.v. Choosing your visual intake every day is critical.

  4. Food- while planning your meals give considerations to inspiring plate presentations

  5. Practice yoga and/or breathwork. Yoga Free Trial

Not everything that smells good is good for you!

Remember the last time you smelled a candle or incense or cleaning product, or personal care product (I could go on) and it either created a headache or nauseous feeling for you? Some aromas are created using chemicals that are toxic to your body. Literally these smells are made in a lab to attract your attention but have zero value in terms of supporting your health and wellness.

Lesson: Only look to use what nature creates! Mother Nature has always had your back.

Your doterra essential oils are the easiest way to create a positive emotional response. That emotional response will lead to a positive ripple effect and impact your entire day. Your sense of smell is approximately 1000x more receptive to information that any of your other senses.

“If you can breathe you can improve your emotional health” Get the lids off and give it a try!

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