Balancing Act


Vata is one of three doshas.


The nature of Vata is movement of things including our bodily fluids, our mental energy and specifically our prana or breath. The adaptability of our mental and physical state is influenced by Vata. Vata can be characterized by its qualities which are cold, light, dry, rough to name a few.

Vata can become imbalanced and as a result create an unsettled feeling in the body and/or

the mind. So if you have noticed that every Fall you seem to feel a little scattered or restless you are not alone and in fact you are experiencing this in alignment with what is happening in nature. Autumn is the Vata time of year. Take note of the extra windy days, the leaves floating away from their trees, the waves in the lake stirring up the sediment below. Vata is movement and the movement is generated by the elements of vata which are air and ether. Water does not move without vata. Water in fact is still.

Within ourselves there are noticeable effects of Vata imbalance (excess). In some cases the Vata imbalance can be observed by noticeable changes in the body such as dry skin, a tightness in the chest that could provoke asthmatic experiences. Restless legs are another symptomatic example of a Vata imbalance. In the mind a Vata imbalance is noticeable when feelings of worry, fearfulness and scattered thoughts are experienced. In general the experience of excess or imbalanced Vata is observed when the body and/or the mind is unable to slow itself naturally. Achieving a balance is the goal but is best approached with a very simple strategy. One step at a time.

Balancing Vata is most successful when applying simple techniques that are appropriate for

an individual. When Vata is balanced expressions of creativity, alertness, flexibility and calm motivation are experienced mentally, physically, emotionally.

First, let’s take note of what aggravates Vata or creates the excess that leads to expressions already mentioned. Vata is aggravated by cold, dry weather, cold raw foods, travelling and lack of routine, stress, instability, snacking without having seated meals. Any of these resonate with you? Good news, there is lots you can do!

Bring Vata back into balance with a few of the following tips. I would suggest that you choose one thing to begin, let it stick and then build upon that. The last thing you need with a Vata imbalance is a long list of “to-do’s”.


1. Follow a regular routine. Wake times, bedtimes, mealtimes etc.

2. Eat warm, cooked, grounding foods. Check out a couple of these fantastic recipes:

3. Keep your body warm. Enjoy a regular bath, use an extra blanket. Put on the fireplace.

4. Self Oil Massage “abyhanga” with sesame oil. Try it warm on the bottoms of your feet

5. Drink warm teas with warming qualities such as cinnamon, licorice, clove.

6. Use doTerra essential oils in your diffuser, on your body and internally. These are the top picks for balancing Vata:

  • On Guard- Use this gorgeous blend in your diffuser. Add a drop or two to your massage oil, Add a drop or two to an empty veggie cap to warm the body and fire up digestion.

  • Eucalyptus- Add to your warming bath mixed with a rich nourishing oil such as sesame oil. Add to your diffuser for aromatic benefits

  • Bergamot- Add to your diffuser and experience the relaxing grounding effects. Ideal for bedtime routines or bath routine.

  • Sandalwood- worn on the pulse points, used in the diffuser or added to the bath routine to create a soothing and grounding experience.

  • Jasmine- apply to pulse points, use in the diffuser or add to bath routine, or abhyanga massage.

  • Rose- The QUEEN of essential oils nourishes and soothes mind, body and spirit. Use Rose in the diffuser, in a bath routine, in a massage, or worn on the pulse points. Rose is also exceptionally worn over the heart for a calming effect

If you have never experienced essential oils and would like to have a customized sample to meet your wellness goals please request one here: Get a FREE sample

7. Eat root vegetables. Mother Nature delivers them right when we need them. Check out your local organic options.

8. Connect with the earth. Consider these ideal poses to bring a balanced energy to your mind, body and spirit.

These practical tips are ideal to create harmony within your mind, body and spirit. Take note of special shifts in the quality of your nails and hair- are they dry and brittle? Have you noticed irregularity with respect to your digestion? Vata in excess can create constipation within the body as the colon becomes dry. Additionally pain in the joints are directly impacted by Vata and can therefore be supported by the tips shared.

Ideally select one of these options to begin balancing Vata. See how you feel, what you enjoy, what feels easy to bring into your life and what creates ease in your mind.

I’ll be balancing alongside you!

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