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A meditation membership offering weekly connection, monthly workshops, journal discovery, essential oil exploration and Ayurvedic living techniques. Space. Connection. Truth are pillars for this heartfelt community.

I have been extremely fortunate, especially in the past 3 years which I know includes a pandemic but the statement holds true. I have for years now been an educator on natural health and have a really deep love for essential oils in particular. Through that love and over the many years of teaching classes  I've met some extraordinary people who have inspired me to keep learning. Dig even deeper. I studied and became certified in Ayurveda which lead me to practice meditation regularly. I didn't naturally gravitate to meditation but I was willing to see what all of the hype was about. I loved it and know I had to share so I got certified at the world class Chopra centre 




 Most people I chat with say they cannot meditate because they simply can't turn off their brain, they can't sit still.

 Guess what? 

That's perfect because you don't have to be able to do that to experience the benefits of meditation. A thinking brain is an alive brain!  If you've never tried meditation or have tried it briefly and gave up on it you will learn so much from this experience. You will feel surrounded by supportive community and begin to witness your own growth. If you are experienced in meditation you will also love what's in store for you. You'll experience connection in a special way and learn to integrate meditation into your every day to boost mental clarity, increase productivity, sleep better, feel better and learn better. Sound good?

 Wildflowers Collective is a monthly membership. Each month is relevant to the season and contains weekly meditations that you can participate in independently or in a group setting, Ayurvedic recipes, rituals and self care, essential oils exploration, natural health workshops, guest collaborators, journal discovery and a monthly love letter. All of this will happen on a beautiful learning platform so you can take it at your own pace plus regular opportunities to connect on zoom in person with an incredible collection of people.


Connection & Community are my goal in this space. It will be cozy and casual and full of goodness. I would love for you to be there.  I promise you that everything in your life gets better when you learn how to meditate. 

"Throughout this journey of life we meet

many people along the way. 

Each one has a purpose in our life.

No one we meet is ever a coincidence."

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