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I'm Rebecca, a certified life coach, ayurvedic consultant and essential oil educator

We all have Health Goals,

Let me Help You with Yours

I believe you are in control of your 75 trillion cells.  I believe in integrative medicine for this reason, it's the best of the natural health world and mainstream.  I also believe in the original source, and that is ayurvedic medicine for good health.  I believe nature has provided us with the complete toolkit and this is where my deepest gratitude to essential oils comes from.  As a certified natural health consultant, I believe the first step to good health is making the choice to care for yourself better than you did yesterday. 

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    Essential Oils Made Easy

    Essential Oils Made Easy is our favorite beginners class!  Learn the 3 coolest things about essential oils, 3 ways to use essential oils and how to bring these tools into your home to begin your own journey.

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    Breast Health Workshops

    In this workshop we'll explore breast health & thermography, mineral health, the vital role of essential oils, colon hydro therapy, with other natural support tools and offer access to continuing education and resources specific to your needs.  This workshop is perfect for you if; you are a woman seeking health options on breast care; you are curious about natural health, you have received a diagnosis that leaves you feeling uneasy about your care plan plus much more.  


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    Continuing Education

    Let's get specific
    Join our 8 part series where we focus on key topics of health to build on what you learned when you joined doTerra . This series is for doTerra product users/members.  Once you register, you have access to continuing education for any/all of these 8 sessions. 
    Our topics are included in the booking screen!


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    Oils and Coffee Chat

    Consider this your invitation to learn what all the buzz is about.  It's true that essential oils are very popular, and the decision to use them will be up to you.  Let's grab a virtual coffee and you can ask me anything you'd like to know about the oils, about doTERRA, or about this business opportunity. 


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Erica from Ontario

Thank you to Rebecca, for her passion when it comes to sharing her knowledge about the use of dōTERRA oils to improve my daily wellness. The trust I have in her, along with her enthusiastic and encouraging character has helped me to continue to find new ways to use the oils to improve my health holistically.  

I’ve gone from using over the counter medications for headaches to solely relying on my oils. My husband who use to take a pill every night to sleep, can now rest easy with his nightly serenity routine.

Laura from Ontario

Rebecca has been a wealth of information over the years; first as I began to use and experiment with essential oil’s and living a more holistic lifestyle
 and second as she began to guide and lead me as a teammate in the business side of doTERRA I am beyond grateful for everything that I’ve learned and continue to learn from this woman. I highly recommend that you connect with her if you’re even slightly interested
 in learning more about holistic health!

Jessica from Ontario

This woman is a wealth of knowledge with essential oils. She’s kind + compassionate and almost always
 has the answer for any of your health related questions. When she doesn’t have the answer she makes it her mission to go out and find it. She loves her family + the community of people she works with. She embodies that of an angel. If you’re looking for the
 place to start with natural health solutions for your home, your family or yourself, she’s the one!

What is it that fuels you?

Welcome to a unique blog to explore.  LeoTree Wellness has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with you. Read on, share and enjoy.

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